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“Bringing Business Design to Life”

Miracle Makeover Designs, LLC, has been working over the years to increase our client base from Residential Design services to Commercial Projects. We have done several projects for our wonderful residential clients in and around Columbus and we love it! We will continue to do homes, but we have been branching out into the Commercial space and are so excited to share some of our accomplishments over the past couple of years. We tailor our design concepts to meet the company’s needs and to bring a fresh new look that is joyful and inspiring.

First, we have a HUGE announcement. We have been certified as a Minority Owned and Women Owned business, and have EDGE certification with the State of Ohio and the City of Columbus! This will allow us many opportunities to do business with more commercial properties and increase our presence in the community. We have also been performing our interior design services for some major commercial business owners in the City along with some residential projects. We have worked on a Consulting Group Office Space, a Housing Development for Veterans, a Vegan Restaurant, a Yoga Studio, and a Tech-Based Corporate Office.

Stay tuned over the following weeks for an in-depth look at the work that we put into these various projects and MORE! Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to our various Social Media Channels for this and more information.

Miracle Makeover Designs "Transforming Spaces, Reimagining Possibilities."

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries about our design services!

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