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Featured Project: RAMA Consulting Commercial Interior Design

It’s time to recap what Miracle Makeover Designs, LLC has been up to over the past year! MMD has been focused on beautifying businesses in and around the City of Columbus, Ohio!

Over the years, office spaces have started embracing creativity, technology, and color in their designs. It has been proven that well-designed office spaces often boost the morale of employees and increase their productivity resulting in better results for the company. Companies are investing in converting their once lifeless, plain office cubicles into bright-colored, sunlit, and ergonomically designed places of work where employees can be at peak productivity. At Miracle Makeover Designs, LLC, we tailor our design concepts to meet the company’s needs, address its brand, and bring a fresh new look that is joyful and inspiring.

Consulting Group Office- With this project we renovated 14 office spaces in this 6,300-square-foot facility. The project included all-new carpeting and LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring, a complete paint job featuring accent walls, functional furniture, custom wall art, and accessories. The project was executed on a challenging schedule but completed on time and to the client's and employees’ satisfaction.

Here is a video of images from the project, ENJOY!

Stay tuned over the following weeks for an in-depth look at the work that we put into these various projects and MORE! Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to our various Social Media Channels for this and more information.

Miracle Makeover Designs "Transforming Spaces, Reimagining Possibilities."

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