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Featured Project: VOA Judge Sarah J. Harper Village

It’s time to recap what Miracle Makeover Designs, LLC has been up to over the past year! MMD has been focused on beautifying businesses in and around the state of Ohio!

One of the core missions of MMD is to create dynamic and well-designed spaces that bring joy and lifts morale, whether in the workplace or in the community. Today’s featured project is a prime example of bringing such a space alive in the community! MMD had the honor of being involved in the design process for Judge Sara J. Harper Village, a new affordable housing project made specifically for veterans. This new, safe, affordable housing is a supportive environment designed to help veterans rebuild their lives and maintain their well-being. Being surrounded by fellow veterans and connected to veteran resources and treatment helps them achieve self-sufficiency and thrive.

These 14-Unit efficiency apartments located in Cleveland Ohio are newly built for veteran women. It consists of 12 apartments and 2 common spaces. Miracle Makeover Designs worked with the architects and construction crew to design the layout for all of the rooms. MMD also purchased and coordinated delivery of all items to complete the rooms including beds & bedding, sofas, kitchen tables & chairs.

Here is a video of images from the project, ENJOY!

Stay tuned over the following weeks for an in-depth look at the work that we put into these various projects and MORE! Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe to our various Social Media Channels for this and more information.

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