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Meet The Founders: Miracle Makeover Design’s Dynamic Mom and Daughter Duo

Whether seeking to liven up your home or reconfigure a workspace, Miracle Makeover Designs’ co-founders Monika and Kristie consistently deliver electrifying results to their valued clients. The dynamic mother-daughter duo’s reputation for building lasting relationships, fostering community partnerships, and exceeding expectations has aided in their success for over two decades.

“Home should be your getaway from all the stresses of the world,” according to Monika, who took the leap into interior design once she moved into her first house back in 2001. With her mother’s encouragement, Monika channeled her creative energy into making floral arrangements to display in her own home.

Soon after, they decided to sell these floral arrangements around Columbus and frequently sold-out. Their unique work showcased at Local malls, Corporate offices and fine jewelry establishments, several Barber and Beauty salons, Local Churches including Mount Olivet Baptist Church and New Birth Christian Ministries, as well as dozens of homes around the city.

Met with warm reception each step of the way, Monika and Kristie jumped full-fledged into interior designing for residential and commercial properties in 2008.

Both women hold degrees in Marketing, which has helped them advocate for their savvy business up to this point. While most of their business has stemmed from word-of-mouth referrals, they are thinking outside of the box to digitally engage potential clients as well.

Miracle Makeover Designs keeps true to their slogan, “Transforming Spaces, Reimagining Possibilities.”

Currently, they offer Residential, Commercial, Home/Real Estate Staging, and 1-2-3 Day Home Makeover services, bringing a myriad of experience to each project they work on. Leaving no corner unturned and overcoming obstacles is the cornerstone of their thriving business, which allows them to refrain from shying away from any size project.

What separates Miracle Makeover Designs from competitors is an unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. When clients walk into a newly transformed space, they often enter in disbelief with a deep sense of gratitude. For Monika and Kristie, the joy shared in these moments is priceless.

One of the most touching experiences in their business so far came at no expense to one of Kristie’s neighbors, who was battling cancer and the loss of a loved one at the time. Out of the kindness of their hearts, Miracle Makeover Designs took on a home renovation project as a surprise at no cost to the client to combat depression from her illness and her loss.

In the next five years, they plan to build on their momentum by working with non-profits to give back to Columbus and surrounding areas through exceptional interior designs and outstanding service to the community.

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