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The Making Of Dawn Dickson’s New Columbus Office Space For PopCom

Our company, Miracle Makeover Designs, had the privilege to work with Dawn Dickson, founder and CEO of PopCom, Inc., to develop a commercial design concept fitting for her new office opening in Columbus, Ohio. Not only were we able to give her the open, clean, colorful, fun and functional spaces she hoped for, but we did it in just 5 weeks!

We exceeded expectations, according to Dawn, "Miracle Makeover Designs worked a miracle in my office."

We set out to make Dawn’s design experience as seamless as possible. While we had numerous check-ins with Dawn to get her feedback throughout the project, she genuinely trusted our design decisions – from initial concept to execution.

To achieve Dawn’s desired results, we bridged her design inspiration with our ideas to create three engaging spaces in her new office that each serve a unique purpose.

Our main goal for this project was to use the colors in PopCom’s logo to keep the design bright and vibrant, while making sure her spaces remained professional.

First, we introduced our signature visual concept presentation of her spaces and she loved it!

Next, we completed all necessary painting, assembly and construction to give life to each room as we all envisioned.

Finally, we ensured that all items were installed and properly placed. We call this, “the finishing touches,” where we analyze every small detail, leaving no corner unturned.

We really enjoyed doing this project for Dawn and the PopCom team! Dawn was awesome client to work with and most of all, we love the relationship we’ve built!

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